16 September 2018

August/September in a nutshell.

Nothing. Byeeeee.
No but seriously, nothing great happened. I'm running on week 3 of school and it's been super tolerable and I am okay with it! I even have time to READ leisurely which is amazing.. although I haven't started studying yet.. so maybe I just have my priorities wrong (or right?).
I made some acquaintance-type friends. It's all been very chill minus the part where I wake up in a rush to pack lunch and run for the underground (still work-in-progress). 
I somehow pulled my chest muscle so now it really hurts to cough but I am kicking this sickness to the curb. At least I hope I am. It's been a persistent few weeks (almost 2 months) of acute bronchitis.

Still job hunting for part-time work. Haven't sent out any applications, but am going to try my absolute non-procrastinating best to aim for the end of this week. 

On a scale of 1-10, I'd rate life sub-par to not bad right now.

05 September 2018

Grass is always greener..

Day 2 is over and I am swamped like a mofo.

Instead of studying, I want to read leisurely and find a new job. It's funny how I kept telling myself that school was what I wanted, but alas, I am trying every excuse to get out of it. School work is a bit confusing but makes sense in a way? I don't know how to describe it. Content is very heavy and lab component is intimidating, but since I have more lab experience, I'm hopeful it will come in handy. Otherwise, I think I can make it.. I think. School feels hard, but I have this gut feeling that I can make it through if I just put in some effort (duh). All my personal free time is kind of out the window more than when I loathed working which is ironic. I haven't even been able to absorb the fact that I am in the ~big city~ now since I'm stuck in school all day and by the time I get out, I need to prepare myself for the commute (which has been tolerable so far-- gotta wait until winter comes and trains become a mess).

The one thing I appreciate is how thorough/straight-forward the provided content is (no fill in the blanks in-class or surprise quiz information) and how you could totally just self-learn with enough discipline. The part I dislike the most that I find common in every school system is their online navigation. I'm not a computer person or graphic designer, but why are school websites always so shit. There's too much going on and the organization is not so user friendly. It's weird.

26 August 2018

One week in Punta Cana

Hola~ I am back from my much needed trip. I think I've maxed out on my Vitamin D and luckily no sun burns! I'm still processing the fact that I am back home now, so I don't know what to say... I ate nonstop, drank moderately (heh), walked along the beach whenever, saw palm trees, acquired an uneven tan, etc.

10 August 2018

And life moves onwards !

Since my last post, I am a bit more composed and life has gotten back on track. I'm crossing off more things on my to-do list which makes me feel more mentally okay, but then I caught this horrible non-flu flu, so now I'm not so good on the physical side.

So..how do I say this... I am going on vacation ! I said I needed a vacation, and I have time before going back to school! I will be in Dominican Republic getting my relaxation on, melting my brains out, chilling on the sand, acquiring tan lines and enjoying good company.. speaking of, it will be my first trip without my family. Not quite solo-travel yet, but will be sharing great memories with a friend. Btw, I'm proud of myself for working out consistently for the past month. Nothing really changed, but I did notice my grip strength is a lot better (aka I can open jars on my own now). Gonna try to keep up with cardio on my trip but we'll see if I can jog in a straight line ifyaknowwhattamean.

I am also back on the job hunt (ugh). I definitely want to work part-time when I'm in school but I want to find something closer to home to reduce commute. This means I will be leaving my current job; my first non-academic science job. I'll miss it but I'm also excited for new options (whether its in science or not).

Other than that, catch you on the sunnier, hotter flipside.