11 August 2019

Las Vegas 2019

The last time I was in Las Vegas was almost 10 years ago. I was forgetful and underage so my impression of LV at the time was nothing spectacular. So about a month ago, my friend and I took a long weekend getaway. I had lots of fun. I kind of wish we stayed one more day because I underestimated how exhausting heat can be. But I'm still happy how the trip turned out. We got to eat at different places, chilled in pools for long hours, have drinks and fun... the usual. I haven't partied hardcore like this since I graduated so it was a good 'throwback' and now I know I still got it (lmao jk).

Neon sign at Flamingo 

09 July 2019

PC Build...another nzxt

At long last! I bit the bullet and I am working off of my new PC that was built by yours truly (and much thanks to The Verge PC build guide-- that's a joke btw). It's not as fancy as my dream computer, but the white tower and simple LED + RGB lighting does the work.

My part list can be found Here.

Overall budget build and banking on a bit of gaming but who knows what I'll play (still on the fence about getting back into League).

I was able to save money here and there depending on items on sale. But for the most part, I was very impatient and bought everything on a whim (separated into two purchases to save me from crying over my credit card bill). It's funny because when I booted everything up, I realize I forgot to buy two essential pieces-- wifi adapter and keyboard so I had to run out to the store to get those.

I'm a sucker for packaging but this was kind of an immense waste of paper/plastic.

Might change the CPU cooler in the future because it does look a little plain. I decided to stay with LED fans because I wanted to keep the white accents consistent. The Ram sticks can changes color too but for now I'm keeping it on disco mode :D 

28 June 2019

Living life in /a/ lane.

New social butterfly, who dis. Nah-- not really, but actually, yes. These past few months, I've been really getting out of my shell. Being more of a 'yes' man and pushing down the side of me that just wants to hermit and lowkey be scared of the world. It's not even that I /don't/ want to be social, because I have been feeling bored and lonely. I have really been pushing myself to do stuff because I always felt regretful for not doing more. And there's nothing wrong with doing nothing, but I guess I'm at this point where my social anxiety is semi-gone (I'm more just awkward--or more like awkwardly wobbling through life, but who isn't?) and I just want to enjoy the rest of my years (lol to put it "simply"). But yeah, it's not about living in a fast or slow lane.. it's just.. making sure that I'm in a lane and keeping myself moving. I've met a lot of cool people-- whether it's from my workplace, or dating (been lucky with nice people so far...). I'm still learning to be as genuine to myself as possible. If I was my younger self and told myself this is what I'd be doing, I'd be like 'psh yeah right'. It's cool how things change lol I guess this is what maturing is.. or not caring.. or omg adulting?! Nah.. I still sleep at irresponsible times.

Anyways, I haven't posted in awhile but that's just how life is. Not really keeping up with blogging but I should really get back into it.. to motivate me to do what I originally started this blog for... documenting travel experiences-- whichh is exactly why I updated today ~ I'll be going on a trip soon. Stay tuned.. or not if I remember to post ~

09 April 2019


So I kind of forgot I read these books, but alas, here they are. This batch purveys a more somber mood than my usual reads which wasn't intentional at all.