Green thumbing for greens

I love plants. I can tell this story again and again; of the specific moment in high school when I truly fell in love with science through ecology. It's not the path that I wanted as a career, but I knew that it would be a lustful hobby if anything. I was introduced to an Amaryllis and I thought it was the most beautiful flower I'd ever laid eyes on. Soon came succulents and cacti and from there, my affinity to plants and flowers have been ongoing.

For someone who really loves plants though, I have to admit that I am a below average to horrible planter. It seems like I don't have a knack for green thumbing which you would think is an easy feat (that's what I thought too..). For starters, I have tried multiple times to grow from an avocado pit. My very first attempt gave a little sprout, but after I transferred it to soil, it died. So I kept trying again and again but couldn't ever get a sprout until I realized my mistake of planting the seed upside down (duhhh). This time around, I have four pits so hopefully the chances of at least ONE sprout is there. Normally, I would separate each pit into their own container, but I got lazy so we'll see if my criss-cross makeshift works.

NieR: Automata

Finally got a chance to play Automata on PS4. Loved the first game and the "sequel" did not disappoint. The graphics were beyond amazing (my phone camera shot of the tv doesn't do justice). Gameplay was extremely fluid with few load points which made it an amazing continuous experience. 

The OST was beautiful and I loved  how clean the transitions from scene to scene were done. The OST was sang in a made-up language which I read was French-derived. Very cool stuff.

One of the cuter tracks: 

Stretching out life's pangs

Pretty sure I am the last person to read Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but better late than never! I found it helpful to listen to while I was cleaning. The advice she provides is very objective and paints a clear picture of how I want my living space to be. There was one anecdote she told about a yoga mat which I found funny because I also hoard my own yoga mat. I haven't really used it for a long time now.

I miss having a routine (other than work). I have been working 6 days a week and by the time Sunday rolls around, I'm knocked out and recharging for the following work week. I noticed that my body is always sore in the morning so maybe I'll try putting my yoga mat to use. Audiobooks or relaxation exercises to recommend would be appreciated.

Project Positive

I have been trying to re-incorporate the basics of minimalism into my life these days. I've had lots of ideas; some that I set free into the world, and others that I will keep to myself for now. Overall, I want to stray from negative thoughts and be happy.

One of the common pieces of advice I hear from all these organizational or minimal-related sources is:  "Things that bring you happiness."  Whether it's keeping physical items that bring you happiness, or reminding yourself of the little things in life..

Not gonna lie, I have been unintentionally accumulating a lot of things. I have way too many make-up products, most of which I kept because the packaging is pretty. I have too much lounge wear because it feels necessary as an advocate of The Homebody Club. Stationary overflows from my work space and filing boxes. It's kind of..ridiculous. And I realized that none of it brings my happiness. This might sound stupid but I feel stressed thinking about it sitting there taking up space but I also don't want to waste anything. So my solution is to use everything as much as I can. What's the point of hoarding all this stuff when I can't fully appreciate the product?

It's a small step towards gaining my happiness but having an open living space is important to me. I'm also trying to blog more frequently because it used to bring me a lot of joy just typing endlessly to no one in particular. So I'll try that too.